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Tisha Reid

Training Market Manager - Toronto

Marriott International

Tisha Reid
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OHI - Hospitality Coach Badge

First hospitality job:

Working for Carnival Cruise Line in 2011

Age you started working in hospitality:

I was a late started, in my early thirties.

Your inspiration to begin working in hospitality:

I wanted to do two things that I loved: Travel and training so I purposely looked for a
job where I could do both and ended up working on a cruise ship for four years!

What are your favourite aspects of your job?

I work mainly with associates and I love working with them to develop their career. I
always say in New Hire Orientation that the position you start in, does not have to be
the position you end your career in and I am here to help guide you on that journey. I
love seeing people grow!

What has inspired you to continue your career path in hospitality?

I love hospitality. I love being a part of someone's story and helping them create
memorable experiences for them and their loved ones by providing associates with
the tools and resources they need to do their job effectively.

Advice for students interested in a career in hospitality:

Go for it! We have the opportunity to impact our guest's lives by creating these
memorable experiences for them, and that is pretty awesome.

My Hospitality Story

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