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A cooperative education experiential learning program 

for secondary school students outside the classroom

BE OUR GUEST immerses secondary school students in a learning experience where they are active participants in hospitality communities outside the school. It provides students thinking about their future career path with an opportunity to apply their learning and be exposed to various jobs in hospitality.


A hotel or foodservice company agrees to provide a placement experience and designates an employee to supervise the learning. A scheduled interview determines the student’s acceptance by the organization. Work schedules are based on the student’s timetable and the time of year of their eligibility for the placement.

The placement students are typically in the senior grades and have a post-secondary pathway such as; college, apprenticeship, university, or work. Placement learning opportunities are linked with a student’s academic studies, education plan, personal goals and abilities through a Student Cooperative Education Learning Plan co-developed by the student, teacher, and with input from the placement supervisor.


Explore different factors and find what you are looking for from the Be Our Guest Program.

Learning to read

Find a learning plan and additional resources for each student.

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Wellness Products

Learn how the Be Our Guest Program benefits everyone!

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Fountain Pen

Hear from students and employers about their experience in the program.

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Hotel Reception

Take on a high school student and help increase the hospitality workforce!

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Interested in bringing the Be Our Guest program to your school?  

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