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Maryia Valente

Sales Executive

Delta Hotels Waterloo (Marriott International)

Maryia Valente
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OHI - Hospitality Coach Badge

First hospitality job:


Age you started working in hospitality:


Your inspiration to begin working in hospitality:

The passion that my colleagues show every single day when delivering outstanding level of service to everyone around!

My hospitality mentor:

From the very first semester at George Brown College, I was so inspired by my Professors that I never questioned the fact that the Hospitality/Hotel industry is my true passion and career path moving forward!

What are your favourite aspects of your job?

Meeting new people every day!

What has inspired you to continue your career path in hospitality?

The wonderful leaders who believed in me, trusted me, and who invested their time to help me grow professionally over the years!

Advice for students interested in a career in hospitality:

Even though the Hospitality industry is very big, it is also a very small world. Don’t burn bridges, be kind to one another, network, and make friends as you never know who you will be working with next!

My Hospitality Story

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