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Marjan Kotevski

Members Relations & Accounts | Faculty Member - School of Hospitality and Tourism

Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association (ORHMA) | Seneca College

Marjan Kotevski
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First hospitality job:


Age you started working in hospitality:


Your inspiration to begin working in hospitality:

At a young age, I had the opportunity to work in travel & tourism, and that experience opened my eyes to the broader opportunities within hospitality.

My hospitality mentor:

My father always encouraged me to look beyond Prespa, Macedonia to pursue my interests. He is a 'look at the jar half full' person, so his perspectives were always appreciated when I was making career decisions in my young adult years.

What are your favourite aspects of your job?

Connecting with people has always been the highlight of my job!

What has inspired you to continue your career path in hospitality?

Working with colleagues that feel like family and engaging in meaningful projects keeps me motivated to continue on this career path.

Advice for students interested in a career in hospitality:

Work with integrity, remember your purpose, and take the time to self reflect as you grow!

My Hospitality Story

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