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Julian Gomez

General Manager

Sunray Group of Hotels

Julian Gomes
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OHI - Hospitality Coach Badge

First hospitality job:

Dishwasher in Singapore

Age you started working in hospitality:


Your inspiration to begin working in hospitality:

It was a part-time job while schooling and I was fascinated with how well-groomed the
staff were with all the fancy looking uniforms.

My hospitality mentor:

Mr. Josef Ng. He was the HOD for the F&B Department in the Singapore Hotel
Association Training & Educational Centre back in 1989, where I was a hospitality
student and he guided and encouraged me to stay the course and eventually became
a lecturer in his department.

What are your favourite aspects of your job?

Interacting with my team members and guests on a daily basis and being able to put a
smile on their faces.

What has inspired you to continue your career path in hospitality?

People. I realised that I am a people person and what better industry to be in but
Hospitality and the potential for growth is limitless. I never imagined that starting off as
a part-time dishwasher, will eventually make me a Group Director of Operations for 16
hotels in Asia and subsequently bring me to Canada.

Advice for students interested in a career in hospitality:

With the right attitude and a passion to succeed, this is the best industry to be in and
there is absolutely no limit to what one can achieve.

My Hospitality Story

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