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Andrew Hale

Director of Sales and Marketing

Delta Waterloo by Marriott

Andrew Hale
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First hospitality job:

My very first Hospitality Job was a Valet/Door Person in Whistler at a 5 Star resort. It was there where I learned the importance of making a great first and lasting impression.

Age you started working in hospitality:

I was 23. I was a late bloomer into Hospitality. I went to school for Marketing and after I graduated I decided to travel for a few years and that is when I got into the Hotel/Hospitality Industry.

Your inspiration to begin working in hospitality:

My inspiration came from a few good friends of mine that went to School for Hotel/Resort Management. I saw they had Co-op placements in very desirable and fun locations. I wanted those same opportunities. I started applying to entry level positions in locations that I wanted to travel/live in.

My hospitality mentor:

Too many to list. I have had some fabulous leaders who have all had very diverse skill sets. Most have let me fail at times which has allowed me to learn from my mistakes.

What are your favourite aspects of your job?

Everyday is different. I get to meet and talk to so many people globally. I enjoy getting to know clients and stakeholders on a personal and professional level.

What has inspired you to continue your career path in hospitality?

I think it’s the evolution and resilience of the Industry. I have been in the industry for close to 18+ years and I have witnessed Economic Pressures, Pandemics and the industry has always bounced back.

Advice for students interested in a career in hospitality:

Hard work pays off. Those late night/early morning shifts are very beneficial to your development. You may not think you are learning…..but you are.

My Hospitality Story

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